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Patient to Patient Volunteer Program
Hope Wellness Center is pleased to announce our new Patient to Patient Volunteer Mentor program.
This free program connects cancer patients with trained volunteer mentors to assist patients with practical and appropriate information and resources. They are also trained to help families and friends learn ways to best help the patient.
The programs objective is to provide information and support to anyone facing cancer through one on one contact with a Hope Wellness Center volunteer mentor. Our mentors are cancer survivors themselves and have been screened and trained to work with patients. They can offer information and resources in the following areas:
  • coping with chemotherapy side effects
  • communicationg with your medical team
  • understanding your emotions
  • hair loss - hats, wraps, wigs etc
  • talking to family and friends
  • finding resources
If you know someone who could benefit from meeting with one of these highly trained volunteer mentors, please call Hope Wellnsss Center. Patients will be matched, as closely as possible with a mentor of similar age and similar diagnosis.
To learn more about the Patient to Patient Volunteer Mentor Program or to get information about other services offered by Hope Wellness Center, please call us at (714) 957-2900
Hope Wellness Center is a program of the Association of Cancer Patient Educators
A non profit 501(c)3 corporation
The Hope Wellness Center website, including all of it's links to external resources, is designed to provide general information only.  The information expressed on this website should not be construed as medical advice.  Its purpose it to educate patients about cancer, with the intention of assisting patients and their loved ones in making informed decisions together with their physician.